Tag Pricing

Material Qty.1002003004005006007008009001000150020002500300040005000
Plain Aluminum$54$56$66$75$84$94$110$114$123$132$198$264$330$396$528$660
Standard Color Aluminum$58$61$73$85$97$115$122$135$147$159$238.50$318$397.50$477$636$795
Stainless Steel$60$66$82$110$116$130$150$165$180$199$298.50$398$497.50$597$796$995

* **(Plus the optional cost of packaging customization and fastener accessories selected.} Prices subject to change without notice.


Twisted Links$2.10/100$21.00/1000
Flat "S" Hooks$2.10/100$14.00/1000
"O" Rings$1.80/100$18.00/1000
"O" Ring Applicator$8.00 EACH


Standard (Free)Default packaging for standard orders without packaging customization.
*Strip Packed*Optional at extra cost by quantity, plus the cost of the selected fastener accessory.*$30 flat rate for tag quantities 100-600, $5 per 100 tags beyond 600, plus the cost of the fastener accessories selected.

Please allow approximately 3-6 weeks for production of tags ordered in October through January. All Prices F.O.B. Omaha, NE Terms: Net-30 days. 1 ½% per month (18% annum} service charge on accounts 30 days past due. Minimum monthly service charge is $l.50. Quantity prices are based on each lot of 1 shape, color, material, same wording, consecutive numbering, and are considered separate units and are priced accordingly. Combining various shapes, colors, material, wording and numbering to qualify for quantity pricing may not be done. Minimum order is 100 identical tags. All tag shapes contain up to 6 digit numbers standard with preceding zeros at our discretion. Lettering sizes and layout are approximate and based on the amount of copy. NOTE: No email or web addresses on tags due to spacing limitations and legibility. Letters and/or dashes in numbering sequence are charged extra. Call for a quote.

28 shapes available. Minimum billing $5.00. Our lettering is stamped straight and deep. Tags are supplied in a bright, beautiful finish.